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Current status of Grid computing for physics in Romania, Mihnea Dulea, IFIN-HH

ATLAS Grid status and support, Sabine Crépé-Renaudin, IN2P3/CNRS

Grid Activity in JINR and Russia, Tatiana Strizh, LIT-JINR

ATLAS Grid in Romania, Gabriel Stoicea, IFIN-HH

National Grid's contribution to LHCb, Teodor Ivanoaica, IFIN-HH

Future development at INCDTIM computing center, Felix Farcas, INCDTIM

ISS-AliEn and ISS-gLite, Adrian Sevcenco, ISS

Status of RO-16-UAIC Grid site in 2011, Ciprian Pinzaru, UAIC

RO-07-NIPNE, Mihai Ciubancan, IFIN-HH

National and regional HPC collaboration, Mihnea Dulea, IFIN-HH

HPC activities at University Politehica of Bucharest, Emil Slusanschi, UPB

Floating point degree of precision in numerical quadrature, Sanda Adam, Gheorghe Adam, IFIN-HH and LIT-JINR

Software tools for HPC users at IFIN-HH, Ionut Vasile, Dragos Ciobanu-Zabet, IFIN-HH

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